A Passion for Irish Motoring History

A member of the Society of Automotive Historians in Britain, Paul Robinson is passionate about Northern Ireland's motorsport history. His first book, Cultra - Motoring With Panache, offers a unique and engaging perspective on the exciting and vibrant world of motoring in Edwardian era Ireland. As a motorsport competitor himself, he brings a unique insight into these events. Self-published with financial support from the Michael Sedgwick Memorial Trust, the book is just the beginning of a journey to share the fascinating history of motorsport in Ireland in the early part of the 20th century. With two further books in the works, he is committed to recording the history of many of these events, not just the most famous, and providing content that helps readers gain a deeper understanding of this important period of Irish history.

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Interested in learning more about motorsport in Northern Ireland? My first book, Cultra - Motoring with panache, covers the period 1905 to 1911. The next book, From Ballybannon Hill to Magilligan Strand, will be available from 6th December and covers the hill climbs at Ballybannon, Craigantlet, Croft, Red Brae , the sand races at Magilligan and the cancelled 1924 Ulster MotorGrand Prix.