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What is the Cultra- Motoring with panache about?

By the early 1900s Belfast was booming. Between 1851and 1901 the population had grown from 87,000 to just over 349,000. Much of this was driven by the growth of industry including linen, shipbuilding and distilling. Many of the owners and managers of these businesses, living nearby and with Belfast Lough on ...

A Passion for Irish Motoring History

A member of the Society of Automotive Historians in Britain, Paul Robinson is passionate about Northern Ireland's motorsport history. His first book, Cultra - Motoring With Panache, offers a unique and engaging perspective on the exciting and vibrant world of motoring in Edwardian era Ireland. As a motorsport ...

A Valuable Resource for Preserving Ireland's Motoring Heritage

Cultra - Motoring With Panache is more than just a niche book about motoring events between 1905 and 1911 in Ireland - it's a valuable resource for preserving and celebrating Ireland's rich cultural heritage.

This book offers a unique and engaging perspective on this important period of Irish history. By ...

Ballybannon Hill to Magilligan Strand

New book out in December 2023_ Ballybannon Hill to Magilligan Strand. Motorsport in Northern Ireland 1922 to June 1933


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