The Legacy of Early Irish Motoring: How 'Cultra - Motoring With Panache' Helps Preserve and Celebrate a Rich Cultural Heritage

Posted on 10th March 2023

 The picture shows the author on the start line of Shelsley Walsh hill climb in his Triumph GT6. Passionate about preserving and sharing the rich cultural history of early Irish motorsport, particularly in Ulster, being a competitor himself gives a special insight into these events. From the Gordon Bennett International Challenge race, the very early speed events and hill climbs to the emergence of the automobile as a symbol of style and luxury, the history of motoring in Ireland is a fascinating and important part of this islands heritage. That's why 'Cultra - Motoring With Panache', is a book with a difference, that helps preserve and celebrate this legacy for future generations.

This book offers a unique and engaging perspective on the early days of motoring in Ireland. By focusing on the period between 1905 and 1911, the author brings to life the stories of the pioneering drivers and motoring enthusiasts who shaped this exciting and vibrant time. Through detailed research and engaging writing, the book offers a vivid and accurate account of the early years of Irish motoring.But 'Cultra - Motoring With Panache' is more than just a great read - it's a valuable resource for anyone interested in the history of Irish motoring. Whether you're a researcher, historian, or just a curious enthusiast, this book provides a wealth of information and insight into this important period of Irish history. The author has drawn on a wide range of historical sources and archival material to provide a detailed and accurate account of the early years of motoring in Ireland. This makes the book a must-read for anyone looking to gain a deeper understanding of this fascinating period of Irish history.

Of course, 'Cultra - Motoring With Panache' is also a great gift for any motoring enthusiast in your life. It's a great read and, with only 300 copies printed, you don't miss out - order one now!

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Interested in learning more about motorsport in Northern Ireland? My first book, Cultra - Motoring with panache, covers the period 1905 to 1911. The next book, From Ballybannon Hill to Magilligan Strand, will be available from 6th December and covers the hill climbs at Ballybannon, Craigantlet, Croft, Red Brae , the sand races at Magilligan and the cancelled 1924 Ulster MotorGrand Prix.